Friday, February 29, 2008

The Presidents

I am not one to frequent bars but Ryan and I had a great time at Koots last night. We were there for a concert by The Presidents of the United States of America- this was the 4th time for me 3rd for Ryan. You may remember their hits from the mid nineties "Peaches" "Kitty" and "Lump", anyways they are a lot of fun in concert. At one point the singer ordered and passed out 50 beers to the people in the crowd, and later he dedicated the song "Love Everybody" to Ryan and me. He remembered us from one of their previous concerts we attended-September 18, 2003 to be exact =) Their show happened to be scheduled on our wedding day so after the reception Ryan and I and most of our wedding party went to the show in our wedding attire. They pulled us up on stage to sing "Kitty" with them and signed my wedding dress (which I plan to cut up and put into a quilt someday). So last night they asked if the people who had come in their wedding clothes before were here tonight, and were we still together, and did we have any kids, and then dedicated "Love Everybody" to us- it certainly made our day!