Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Seams like Home

Here are the rest of those photos I was telling you about-

The window displays in the mall hallway:

the view of the shop through the front windows:

the view when you walk in the front door (straight ahead):

when you walk in the door the view to the right:

some closer pics of the wall to the right

the notion wall (to your left when you walk in the door):

and if you walk to the back of the shop and turn left you'll see the patterns, books, buttons, zippers & trims:

and I had take some photos of a few of the antiques they incorporated into their displays (a Seams Like Home signature):

The back rooms were not available for photos on Monday but I did get a sneak peek the other day and they have a very large separate room for classes and another room where they are going to put the longarm quilting machine.

P.S. My mother and I will be at Seams Like Home on June 21 for a book signing and demo so come by and say hi, and if you know any quilters that haven't heard of our book send them our way so we can show them how easy our method is =)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Seams Like Home

Yesterday morning I stopped by Seams Like Home's new location in the University Center Mall. This was the first day the store was open at their new spot, but the official grand opening is sometime in June (I forget which day). The new location combines all of the quilting fabric and supplies from Seams Like Home with all of the fancier silks, velvets and clothing fabric & supplies from Three Sisters into space that is about 10,000 sq. ft. I took plenty of pictures so you can have a mini virtual tour:

Of course I'm starting you with their display of our book with the Crazy Shortcake quilt that my mom made and all the fabrics she used in it

next up I'm excited to tell you is a display of fabric by Michael Miller that is made from organic cotton (This is right up by the front counter)
Okay I have several more photos of the shop to put up, but blogger won't let me right now so you will have to wait till tomorrow for the rest...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

We're Back

We made it back from our vacation Tuesday evening and are very glad to be home. We had a great time in Montana (even though it snowed a few times while we were there)
we explored the Lewis & Clark Caverns,

we even made it down to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

And we wrapped the whole trip up by attending Quilt Market in Portland.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Road Trip

We are headed on a family vacation. The plan: visit Ryan's grandparents in Montana (who haven't met Audrey yet!) and attend Quilt Market in Portland OR to promote the book. So Tuesday we fly down to Portland and pick up the rental car and drive to The Dalles and spend the night. Wednesday we drive to Sheridan MT where his grandparents live and stay for 6 nights. Then we drive to Boise and spend the night and the next day finish the drive back to Portland and stay for 6 nights. We are very excited about the whole trip and will update and add pictures when possible- Ryan's grandparents don't have a computer so we will be at the mercy of internet cafes I guess. In the meantime if you miss us check out flickr - I've uploaded over 2,000 photos in the past week!