Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Road Trip

We are headed on a family vacation. The plan: visit Ryan's grandparents in Montana (who haven't met Audrey yet!) and attend Quilt Market in Portland OR to promote the book. So Tuesday we fly down to Portland and pick up the rental car and drive to The Dalles and spend the night. Wednesday we drive to Sheridan MT where his grandparents live and stay for 6 nights. Then we drive to Boise and spend the night and the next day finish the drive back to Portland and stay for 6 nights. We are very excited about the whole trip and will update and add pictures when possible- Ryan's grandparents don't have a computer so we will be at the mercy of internet cafes I guess. In the meantime if you miss us check out flickr - I've uploaded over 2,000 photos in the past week!

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