Sunday, July 26, 2009

Works in Progress

I got bored finishing projects I had already started and decided to start a couple of new quilts. The first one is another project using charm squares but this time I'm only doing one cut per charm and I'm putting nine charms together to form a block instead of four. I'm leaving the center charm in each block a solid piece of fabric and I'm going to use that same fabric for the sashing later.
Here's a pic of the charms before I cut them:

after the 1 cut:

Here they are pieced back together, now I just need to sew the 9 charms together:

The other project I started is the same cuts as my mom's "Warm chocolate Wrap" from our book but I'm making it twin sized and using some blue & yellow plaids that I've had for a few years. Here's a pic of my blocks with 5 cuts in them- I still have one more cut to do:

I'll try to make some progress and post again in a couple of days.

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Laura said...

NICE!!!! Can't wait to see more! I love the fabrics of the top one.