Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Beach

After the pool on Friday we drove down to Seward so Audrey could spend a long weekend with her Grandma. The sun was shining and the drive was gorgeous (of course I forgot my camera and my sunglasses at home). After watching all that beautiful scenery I was dying to get outside for a while, so once I got back to town I stopped by my house to pick up my camera and galoshes and headed for Kincaid park.

The trail was still frozen, but I headed down to the beach anyway. Saw a little munching moose about 100 ft. off the trail.

She was was not concerned with anything but what she was eating and didn't have any friends with her so I continued towards the beach.
The view was gorgeous,

the beach was deserted,

and the melting ice chunks on the beach made it sound like I was inside a can of soda.

Not a bad way to spend an evening, in my opinion =)


Thomas Wentworth Hardy said...

Great photos; can I use them as a basis for computer Art?Thanks Tom Hardy

Madpres said...

Saw these on Flickr this morning - WONDERFUL! We definitely have to get out there together soon!

Manuela said...

Winderful Photos! Very nice blog.

Sarah said...

Thanks for all the comments! Thomas- feel free to use them for whatever you like! Glad everybody liked them.