Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Dad's Quilt

This is a quilt I started for my dad's 50th birthday (he will be 52 this June). It is a very simple top from a pattern by Dina Pappas using her fuse fold & stitch method. The main blocks are screen printed silhouettes of loons on a lake with smaller blocks used as cornerstones between the sashing and the rest is all batiks. The top went together in a couple of hours- the main hold up has been the quilting. I've quilted wall hangings before but the only bed size quilts that I've done were quilt-as-you-go like in Crazy Shortcut Quilts. Sooooo.....I've been putting it off...but I finally bit the bullet last week and I'm fairly happy with the results. I stitched in the thin black outline in the large silhouette blocks and 1/4 inch inside the sashing rectangles. In the inner border I did sort of off-kilter squares that turned out really well (as long as you don't inspect my stitches per inch =P ). The outer border has been more troublesome. My plan was to stitch up the center vein of each leaf printed on the outer border but I'm not sure I like how that is turning out. Meanwhile my sewing machine started skipping stitches (I messed up the timing on my machine the other day while doing some decorative stitches-my needle fell out mid stitch) so I'll have some time to contemplate what to do about my border while my machine is in the shop.

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