Monday, July 7, 2008

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Trying to decide on a layout for a quilt I am working on:
Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Option #4

leave a comment and let me know which one is your favorite.


Laura said...

It's a toss up between #1 & #2 for me. Boy do the blocks look great! I can't remember your plan for the sashing. I miss you girl!

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

I like option #2.
Love the colours too!

MMM said...

Since I like 1, 2 & 4, I guess you need to make more quilts so that you have one in each setting - -lol - that's what you get for asking!!!

Mishka said...

Option 2 is my pick.

Mad about Craft said...

Option 2 stands out to me, no doubt about it.