Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Testing Organic Fabric & Thread

I ordered this blue fabric to use on the back of a project I'm working on. It's organic cotton sateen by Harmony Art and I was a little nervous about how it would hold up to my decorative stitching. I am used to the sateen fabric that they usually have in quilt shops- super fine (practically see through) and very silky, so I was worried that the fabric might shred and I thought the satin stitches would be entirely out of the question. How wrong I was! The fabric is much thicker than the sateens I've seen before (the thread count on this stuff is 233, I believe the thread count on quilting fabrics is usually 120-160) and it worked so nicely with my decorative stitches that I even tried my satin stitches and the fabric held up beautifully! I also tried the organic thread on this project- it's the white stitching going through the middle of the square. It stitched up very nicely and I didn't have any breaking or shredding so I'm pretty much in love with it. But I will say that it is a fuzzy thread (I'm talking even fuzzier than the coats & clark star thread that comes on that cardboard like spool). I haven't checked my machine yet but I'm sure I will need to clean it out more often when I'm using this thread. It's also a bit thicker than I expected (my best guess is somewhere in the 20-30wt. range) but I've never let that stop me from using a thread =)


Laura said...

Progress report? I am anxious to see it.

Siana said...


You mention that the thread is fuzzy - do you think it would make a good serged edge on baby wipes and such?

Thanks for your input (really looking forward to your response because now I'm excited to order this! :D)