Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No more phone books

I just found out about this website where you can sign up to stop receiving all those unwanted phone books on your door step (mine go straight to the recycling bin) If you decide you want a phone book later you can always pick one up at the phone company for free. Brilliant idea if you ask me.



Laura said...

Thanks for the great tip - I HATE those big ole books and I never use them!

kenc said...

used the book today to find a local window company.

and why aren't you using the books?? they have coupons, maps, and lots of neat local stuff that it would take you a bunch keyboard banging to find online

Sarah said...

I do use them occasionally, but I don't need a new one each year (and certainly not 5 sets of new ones each year that are currently being dropped off at my house by different companies) I use google maps, and I have never found a coupon for something that I buy (that's my rule for coupons- if I wasn't going to buy it anyway it's not a deal) So when I need a new one I can just pick one up at ACS.