Monday, November 24, 2008

Results from 2008 CASA auction

Well, the auction is over and it made even more money than last year so I think it's a success. I had 5 quilts in that raised $295 all together. Not bad but someday I'd like to be one of the people who has a single quilt go for over $200 (I've got to have higher and higher goals every year, right?)
I took pictures of all of the quilts in the auction so if you want to take a virtual tour click here.


tessahjake said...

I'd like to donate a quilt next year - how do i get involved?

tessahjake said...

ok - i see the link in an older post below-- ignore me :)

Sarah said...

Hi Tessahjake, I forgot to mention that they have a new website:
and that next year's auction will be Sat. Nov 21 (the deadline to turn quilts in is 1 week before the auction, and the quilts are collected at pretty much every quilt shop in Anch. & the Valley)

Rainma said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, they were amazing and congrats on selling your quilts for a great cause! Ah, the dream of all quilters to sell our quilts someday for what we think they are worth!