Friday, May 29, 2009

Flannel Finale!

It's finally done- and weighs in at just over 4 pounds! As you can see what started out as a full size quilt covers the top of my king size mattress.

I did swirls in the inner border and at my mom suggestion I went around the moons & stars in the outer border in a blue thread that just disappears. It's certainly not perfect but it's done and I'm happy!

You can sort of see the star in the center and the straight lines going through the bow ties.

On to the next UFO!


Marguerita said...

There are only two words you say when you finish a double sided flannel quilt -- (hehehehe)---"never again!"

That ought to keep the whole family warm! Nice quilting job...let me give you a few of mine that need quilting :)

Sarah said...

Hey! You are the machine quilter! I only quilted this one because I'm still waiting to get my braid quilt back from you! Put down the video camera and start sewing! =P

Laura said...

Congrats on finishing this fun flannel! I know how relieved yu feel now that it's done. I feel like such a slacker! I think you should come to Hawaii and bring your UFOs and we'll work one a week like we did last year ;) Stay as long as you like! Miss ya and love ya!

tessahjake said...

OMG - yay you're back. Now I know where you have been...up to your eyeballs in flannel.