Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Turning Green

I've been slowly going green since my daughter was born. It started when she began eating food- only buying organic baby food and recycling all those little glass baby food jars (obviously I could have been a lot greener by making my own baby food from locally grown produce, but like I said I'm S-L-O-W-L-Y going green =P ) I thought that I've been doing pretty good- almost everything we buy is organic, I started buying local produce in the summer (this is Alaska, there is a very small window when this stuff is available!), we recycle everything that is accepted in town, we keep the heat at 65...okay on the coldest winter days I think we went up to 67, but for the most part it's 65 and off in the summer (and no A.C. is required up here), we have a new 95% AFUE furnace and energy star water heater, dishwasher, clothes washer & dryer, I've even modified my driving habits to try and get better gas mileage- all in all I felt I've made quite a few improvements- and then I took the Ecological Footprint Quiz and realized how much farther I need to go. I got a score of 190.22- which means if everyone in the world lived my lifestyle we would need 4.9 earths to provide all of the resources consumed. This is better than the national average (which is sad) but a LOT of room for improvement! My biggest downfall on the quiz is that I usually have meat or dairy with every meal. So even though it's kinda late in the year for resolutions here are a few things I plan to improve on: try to eat less meat and dairy, grow some of my own vegetables and berries, ride my bike to the grocery store instead of drive, take the bus more often, install more water saving fixtures, start composting and attempt to dry some clothes outdoors on nice days. I'll take the test again this fall and let you know if I've made much improvement- I'd love to hear your scores and suggestions for improvement.

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Laura said...

Ok, first - Thanks for the reality check. Second, thanks for the opportunity to improve myself. Third, I need LOTS of imporvement! And finally, here's my score 272.01in other words, 7.01 earths to sustain my current lifestyle. ARGH!! I am embarassed and I will take the challenge to improve my nasty habits and to reduce my global footprint. I will do it for Brian and Audrey and all the little ones that will come soon. Thanks Sarah - you really are a true friend!