Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Victims' Rights Week

Monday was the Annual Tree Ceremony on the Park Strip down town- part of the National Crime Victims' Rights Week. The ceremony involves people tying ribbons on a tree to represent themselves or others who are victims of violent crimes. There are different colored ribbons to represent different crimes: red for drunk driving, green for robbery, mint green for child abuse, white for hate crimes, orange for assault, teal for sexual assault, purple for domestic violence, yellow for kidnapping and hostage, black for homicide, red white & blue for crimes against those who serve in uniform. I try to go every year and tie ribbons in remembrance of my cousins. I took a couple photos while I was down there this year

This event is put together by Victims for Justice a nonprofit organization that helps victims of violent crimes and the survivors of victims of homocide.


MMM said...

You could put some pictures of the boys up too - I will go put some on flickr.

Laura said...

You are in my prayers.