Thursday, October 2, 2008

Students Creations

I want to show off the quilts that were made at our class in Valdez- they are all made using the same technique and yet all manage to look so completely different!

Corinn made a 9 square quilt (3 cuts) with soft green, yellow & pink floral prints
Dorothy made 9 square quilt (4 cuts) with bright kids prints

Sheila made a 20 square quilt (6 cuts) with fabric she salvaged from suits she bought at the second hand store and incorporated some lace & ribbon as well.

Jane made a 9 square quilt (3 cuts) with black & white prints and used red thread for quilting and red fabric for her front sashing. She found a great large print that incorporated all those colors for her backing fabric and used black sashing on the backside.

Mickey made a 9 square quilt (4 cuts) using batiks.

Somehow I didn't get pictures of 2 peoples projects-Rose made a 16 square quilt (I think 5 cuts but I'm not positive) using autumn colors, and Jeannie made a 12 square quilt (again, I think 5 cuts but I wouldn't bet the farm on it) using all flannels- a quilt that might even keep me warm!


MYRA said...

They all look like wonderful quilts in the making! 8-)
Are they a form of the quilt-as-you-go method?

Oreste said...

Hello Sarah, a salute from Rome. Ciao

tessahjake said...

I'd love this pattern - wish I was in Valdez :(